Friday, June 29, 2007

Computerphobia among the cops

Source: TheStar, 29th June 2007

Sarawak Police Commissioner revealed that there are police personnels who are afraid of using the computer - Computerphonia (one of the term that I used to teach basic computer concept).

During his rounding of the police stations in the state, he found out that boxes of newly-purchased computers were left unopened and stacked neatly in the storeroom.

Remedial actions to be taken - comprehensive training programmes and technical support will be provided to all the district police stations.

Personal opinion:
Well, I believe this does not happened only in the police stations as in this situation but also in most of the organisation where illiterate computer users are really afraid of using the computer for the fear of mishandling, destroying and corrupting the files and programmes stored in the computer. Constant trainings and application workshops will be helpful to solve this problem. Who says uncle and auntie cannot blog? Search the Internet and you may find some blogs authored by the aunties and uncles.

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