Saturday, June 23, 2007

Buying durians with credit card - new e-commerce business model

Fancy of buying lot of durians and pay by credit card?

An innovative e-commerce business model is in place in Penang when a bank approached 3 durian stalls to provide credit card payment facilities for their customers.

The 3 stalls are located at Jalan Van Praagh, Relau and Mt.Erskine. For any transaction above RM40, customers are able to enjoy such credit card facilities.

The stall owners said that buyers who use credit cards are buying more especially towards the end of the month. It is also safer for both the buyers and sellers as it helps to reduce the cash carried.

Source: TheStar, 23 June 2007.

What will be the next e-commerce business model? Nasi lemak stall accepting credit card? Satay stall, mamak stall, chee cheong fun? If you have any innovative e-commerce business model, feel free to share with me.

I did read some news that credit cards also being used during the wedding dinner as well as funeral services.

One of my reader, PK suggested paying taxi using credit card. What do you think?


Pui Kwan said...

We are now entering into a "no cash" world huh? New business model? How about paying taxi fare by credit card?

Kai Wah said...

Brilliant idea! May be we can go for that beside using TouchnGo systems too.