Monday, May 14, 2007

What sell best online?

Traditionally, computers hardware and software are top in the list of online sales. However, this changed in 2006 when consumers spent more on clothes rather than computers.

According to a report by, the spending for apparel, accessories and footwear sales hit US$18.3 (RM64) billion as compared to US$17.2 (RM60) billion for computers. Autos and auto parts followed at 3rd place with US$16.7 billion and Home furnishing at fourth with US$10 billion.

Apart from these, online travel expenses accounted for US$73.4 billion of the online transactions, topping the e-tailing market!

Reasons for such jump can be contributed to the followings:
It is easier to find and buy the clothes online compared to traditional store as retailers offers greater selection in term of size and style plus efficient search capability.

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