Saturday, May 26, 2007

Real time tracking on human by WiFi and RFID

The combination of WiFi and RFID in the wireless network such as hospitals and university campuses could be used to protect patients and students.

For students:
Tracking students on campus could help especially during a fire or an emergency such as the gun-shooting case at the Virginia Tech, US.

It is useful to capture the students attendance plus the exam attendance as this automation will speed up the process and provide accurate real-time information. In UK, exam papers are tagged with RFID to ensure its security as well.

For patients:
Some of the RFID applications are listed here.

How's it work?
Battery-powered RFID tags can be tracked by communicating with minimum three wireless access points inside the network to triangulate a location. The signal is sent back to the server and the movement is then modeled depending on the shift in signal strength detected.

BBCNews Technology published an interesting article on this story here - Wifi and RFID used for tracking

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