Thursday, May 03, 2007

E-Filling: 606,691 people had e-Filed nationwide

April 30th was the last day for Malaysian taxpayers to submit their tax form. As usual, most of the taxpayers waited until the last minutes to rush for their tax submission. Some even dared to say it as the "Malaysian way"! (Just like replacing the MyKad previously)

Unlike last year where e-filling was first introduced, the LHDN is sticking to its 30th April deadline for submission. Last year a one month grace was given to encourage taxpayers to use the e-filling.

Up to 10.30pm (30th April), as reported by TheStar (1st May 2007), a total of 606,691 taxpayers had filed in their form through the e-filling. From my personal point of view, this is a very good response.

I also used e-filing this round to submit my tax form. Of course, I did it mid of April and not during the last day, haha. Basically the procedure was easy and fast. I got my PIN from the mailed form. This has been an improvement from last year where users would have to get the PIN from the LHDN branches.

Step 1:
Use the PIN to register and download the digital certificate. This the part where most of the users got stuck as an ActiveX Control plug-in need to be downloaded and installed. Some computers required administrator password to install this plug-in. Without the administrator password (for PCs in the organisations which was administered), the e-filing cannot be done. Basically, the dowloading of the digital certificate is crucial as it determine the authentication of the user.

Step 2:
Choose the form and fill up the particulars. It is better to make sure that all documents are ready because the page will sign-off after a few minutes. I had to sign-in a few times eventhough I had prepared all my data.

Step 3:
Once completed, pay through e-banking (if you own them money) or straight away sign off with the digital signature (if they owe you money) and here you go! Submitted!

Step 4:
Keep the acceptance receipt and also filled Borang B for future references.

The whole process took only 10 minutes (not including solving the ActiveX Control downloading issue). Fast and convenience. However, for those who are real supporter of Malaysian Way (last minutes), the whole process may take quite some time as the lines were jammed. Luckily the server did not crashed down.

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