Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Selling fish online in Malaysia

Fishermen in Tanjung Dawai have gone the Internet way, auctioning their catches via e-mail.

Bidders from all over the world are welcome to place bids from 3pm to 7pm Malaysian time every day in a system that was introduced in April. In this case, the bidders must bear the transportation costs and the system was set up with the help of the Malaysia Fisheries Development Board.

The Tanjung Dawai Fishermen Association has installed three computers and three 29-inch televisions to display the bidding list.

Bidders state their price by e-mailing to pnktdawai@yahoo. com and their prices will be flashed on the television sets for fishermen gathered at the auction hall. If there is agreement, then the bidders will be emailed. The bidders must register their name with the association (by calling 04-4572106) and a code number will be provided to participate in the bidding.

The system benefited the fishermen as they could get the best deal. The association would impose a 5% surcharge on the buyers and hoping to create its own website one day.

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JingYi said...

i think selling fish online is very hard to be successful.
since the infrastructure prepared is way too inefficient and may cause insystematic bidding process. btw, it is hard to sell fish online, bcoz fish is perishable products and the shipping of the product may be a problem. on the other hand, buyers may feel reluctant to pay the extra charges needed.