Thursday, February 15, 2007

RFID - Latest applications and success stories

This article provides a list of applications of RFID in various fields namely:
  • Supply chain management - used in the tracking of assets and production pallets along the manufacturing supply chain
  • Manufacturing and warehousing - tracking usage and location of materials and equipments during the manufacturing process
  • Retail operations - helps retailers reduce labor and manual costs beside curbs shoplifting and boosts store productivity.
  • Food industry
  • Livestock - identification of the animals
  • Healthcare - used in hospitals and on patients
  • Security tracking
  • Parcel and parts monitoring - DHL and airport baggage handling
  • Pharmaceutical industry - Drug industry in US need to deploy RFID label in 2007
  • Gaming Industries - used to prevent cheating on the gambling table by putting RFID on the chips
  • Libraries - helps the books loan and providing real time inventory information
Read more here - Emerging Signs of an RFID Payoff (, 18th Nov 2006)

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