Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Now scientists say Video Games is useful

You can call it a new way of self learning by playing video games.

Scientists reveal that addiction on the video games can actually be converted into serious learning tools in school. Wow...just imagine going to school to play video games during the lectures and tutorials.

Soft-skills such as analytical thinking (how to complete the games with appropriate srategies especially RPG or strategy games), team building (games played in groups), multitasking and problem solving (like CSI investigation game).

Of course we are not talking about the soccer or basketball, car racing type of games but games such as business related (entreprenueurship - which I did played before) can be utilised in education. In fact in some universities, subjects are being taught by using games - specific business games. I will be very happy if there is an opportunity to implement this method into the learning process.

Source: CNN News, Not playing around: Scientists say video games can reshape education (, 17 October 2006)

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