Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Revolution - Social Software

We are part of the revolution that will integrate technology more thoroughly into our lives and blur the boundaries between us and machines.

The element that elevates the Internet from a simple tool into an interpersonal pehenomenon, connecting people in a meaningful way.

The concept:
Bring together widely-scattered groups to meet on common ground creating new communities.

Collaborative sites such as "wikis" - a webpage open to editing by anyone - are now being applied in educational and organisational environments, providing a communal pool in which to pour knowledge for the benefits of all.

(Example: Wikipedia - I had a blog entry briefly introducing the wikipedia in my personal blog.)

Weblogs (blog), the success story of the current generation of social software, are a phenomenon of self expression which mediates the relationships between consumers of culture and those who report it - Blogosphere

It is the social in the software which will bring communities together.

(Source: The Star InTech, 19 Jan 2006, pg IT17)

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