Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Minister: Malaysian Telcos need to improve their services!

Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik highlighted that telecommunication companies in Malaysia need to improve on the following four key areas:
  1. Extending coverage throughout the country - putting up more transmission towers and units to cover every town and village (achieving full coverage nationwide), providing uninterrupted services all the time at every location. No more excuses such as "no line la"...
  2. Conducting audit checks on the authenticity of registered pre-paid line users - 17.8 million pre-paid users (90%) registered as at 16 December 2006 in an compulsory exercise. An additional 2 weeks extension was given for the remaining 10% to register.
  3. Providing number portability - changing mobile operator will not be a major hassle for the users as they can retain their favourite number should this be implemented.
  4. Better broadband connectivity - with more channels made available to the users such as 3G, Wimax and direct fiber optic connection. Hopefully with this, Internet connection speed can be further increased tremendously. Currently, the broadband penetration is at 13% only.
This is aimed to provide better mobile phone access and broadband services by the end of the year by translating the huge profits obtained each year.

(Source: TheStar InTech, 20 Feb 2007)

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tan hooi ying said...

telco services should serve at everywhere so it can convenience to customer.

Besides,it should provide a lot of rewards to attract customer by using it such as bonus sms or call.

Furthermore it is available at rural area .