Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Internet Security Threats - Its Changing Faces

An interesting article on the changing faces of the Internet Security Threats

Among the facts are:
  • Analysts estimate roughly 75 percent of all security attacks are targeted at applications.
  • However, only 10 percent of enterprise security spend is focused on application security. (This show the potential attacks to be encountered by the entreprises)
  • Demand for third-party security management services, as well as for systematic security risk-profiling and management solutions, continues to grow
  • The need to protect applications and data resources more proactively is also driving the development and application of heuristics -- that is, empirical, judgment-based rules for intrusion detection and prevention -- and other forms of artificial intelligence in security products and services.
You can read more from this article - The Changing Faces of the Internet Security Threats (

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