Friday, February 16, 2007

IDC Prediction for Malaysian IT Market 2007

IDC has a few predictions in their crystal ball for us this year: (TheStar InTech, 16 January 2007, IT22)
  • IT spending will grow 2%. (from 10% to 12%)
  • Hardware will grow 2%. (from 8% to 10%)
  • Packaged software will also grow 2%. (from 9% to 11%)
  • Next generation network services and convergence between landline and mobile will evolving the telecommunication markets.
  • Digitalisation of TV boardcasting services.
  • Software vendors will focus on SME customers.
  • Demand for notebook will grow about 14%.
  • WIMAX wireless broadband adoption will be swift.
  • Home users and businesses will focus on digital cameras and high-speed scanners.

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