Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cambodia bans 3G mobile phones to curb porn

Without 3G mobile phones, how the prospect of having 3G Services in Cambodia will be?

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday banned video-capable mobile phones in Cambodia to curb the dissemination of pornography, because they can be used to spread obscene images.

"Maybe we can wait for another 10 years or so until we have done enough to strengthen the morality of our society,'' he said. Alcatel, a French telecommunications firm, announced in February that it would provide 3G mobile services to CamGSM, a Cambodian mobile phone network.

Alcatel officials in France were not immediately available for comment Friday. Hun Sen said Cambodia is facing a severe decline in social morality and that curbing pornography is one way to help rescue the country.

The third-generation mobile phone "is way too advanced for us. Hearing each other's voices and exchanging text messages should be enough. If we go further than this, it could be more difficult for us to control'' pornography, he added.


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